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Tax Planning & Projections

Knowing your quarterly tax obligations or withholdings required provides piece of mind regarding cash flow planning.  Depending on entity structure, we may also create a strategy to maximize the qualified income deduction.  Year-end tax planning should also consider at least two years of projections, targeted cash calculations, capital loss harvesting, profit sharing contributions and tax credits.

Income Tax Preparation

Timely filing of income tax returns prevents tax notices, reduces interest and penalty assessments and minimizes stress.  In the event an extension of time to file returns is recommended, I will assist you in calculating the appropriate balances due.  After preparation of the returns, I will walk you through the numbers, provide a comparative analysis and discuss benefits of additional deductions.

Advisory & Consulting

Working with you on a monthly or quarterly basis can be of great benefit to enable you to understand where to concentrate your efforts by analyzing timely and meaningful financial statements, creating budgets, preparing cash flow projections, outlining key performance indicators and refocusing on revenue growth.


Entity Selection & Conversion

Whether you are just starting out or are considering an expansion, I will help you understand the different tax structures, available planning techniques, common misconceptions, required filing obligations and flexibility of a conversion as it pertains to your unique circumstances.

Tax Notice Resolution

Most IRS and state tax correspondence are standard notices but have time sensitive response deadlines.  I will help you understand the notice and navigate the options available to reach a resolution.

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